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twitter spamI am sure most of you have seen the post on Mashable by Adam Ostrow about MLM Invading Twitter.  I recently set up the propelhq twitter account. If you are here you know that we develop social tools for the Direct Sales industry or MLM. Once I created my new account I instantly began to receive spam followers and messages. Plus, people that I initially thought would be interesting to follow soon began to spam me with direct messages and a slew of spam tweets. Working as a Social Media/Technology vendor in the Network Marketing industry for the last few years I have spent a lot of time getting to know the industry and how social networking fits in. Spammers and scammers are horrible for social networking and direct sales.

In recent meetings with top distributors we discussed how they were using Facebook as a” tool”. Quickly the conversation went south. As soon as I heard how they were using it I jumped in. Their thought was by building out their profile and screaming business opportunity and join my team and you have to try these products they would attract and recruit new people. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Social networking and relationships in general are about providing value and the mutual exchange and sharing of thoughts, ideas, interests etc. Not force feeding content down someone’s throat. When I am on Facebook or Twitter I want my time there to mean something. Nobody wants to be plastered with spam and posts / comments that scream scam. The industry has enough image problems as it is for people to behave like this on these platforms. Email has been hammered from this type of activity-you can’t even mention the words opportunity, MLM, Network Marketing, Make Money etc without setting off every spam filter.

So what can you do? How can you do it right? The big question that everyone is trying to figure out is can you build your MLM business with social networking and social media? The short answer to all of these question is – if people are asking you for it and you are giving them something of value then you will be ok. While thinking about this post today I came across a blog post from Randy Gage. I don’t know much about Randy, I have never met him, I did not read much more than this post-yet, but I think he did a great job of addressing this topic-read it here.

Here is one of my favorite paragraphs from his post:

“I believe in providing value, giving people a reason to view my stuff, and then offer options (coaching programs, seminars, books and other learning resources) where they can spend money if they like my work and want deeper assistance.  So I don’t really make any sales from posting on Twitter directly, but I rake in a lot of dosh because I Twitter.”

All of these tools are a great way to communicate and network when used appropriately. I am still searching for some good tweeters and bloggers that are not going to spam me and make me feel like I am getting scammed. If you know any please comment here or find me on twitter @propelhq.

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PropelHQ – It’s Coming…

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propelhq logo

What is PropelHQ you ask?

Simply put, PropelHQ is the top destination for Direct Sales professionals, their teams, customers and prospects. It is a place to network, collaborate, help people  and have fun. Some of the highlights include:

  • Live updates – connect to Twitter and other popular microblogging site
  • Facebook Integration – Keep your Facebook friends up to date with your business without being annoying
  • Competition Engine – The tool you have all been waiting for. Create a competition for weight loss, cholesterol, miles ran, calls made, or anything you want. Create competitions for customers, prospects or your team. We will talk in more detail about this in a later post but this is a great and fun way to interact with all your friends and associates. Think Biggest Loser…
  • Coaching – This is another favorite of our corporate customers. It’s simple, create an automated coaching program for customers and team members. Distributors love this feature to send instructions to customers on how to use products, specific regimens that need to be followed, etc. It is often used for teaching and training new distributors. Simply insert your content, and select whatever interval you want. After that you can manage all your coaching recipients from the simple admin panel which lets you know where in the process everybody is. Stay tuned for more on this. Think personalized instruction…
  • Create private networks and groups
  • Team Sites – Just announced, users will be able to create team microsites. Different from groups because you can skin it anyway you like, add your logo, use your URL and create your own homepage. This is great for all you top business builders / leaders and those that are serious about building a business.
  • Join in the conversation with marketers from all over the world. Share tips, advice, experiences and learn from others

Who Created PropelHQ?propelhq main

PropelHQ is the brainchild and is being developed by Ignite Media ( Ignite is the leader of social technologies for the Direct Sales (MLM, Network Marketing) industry. Ignite has built social apps and consulted with both large and small companies in the area of social media, social networking etc. Using all the knowledge and expertise gained from these experiences, PropelHQ offers the power and functionality of Ignite’s enterprise solution and has made it available to you. If you are interested in a private social community for your team or your company, social media consulting or speaking engagements please contact Ignite at

When will PropelHQ be available?

The team is hard at work-working ’round the clock to get PropelHQ opened up to the public the first week of June. We will be looking for individuals to beta test and help spread the word. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us using the contact link on this site. Beta testers will have full access to all tools and the network at no charge. We will be looking to you for feedback and ways to improve the application.

We  will keep you updated over the next few weeks as we prepare for takeoff. Check back here often for updates and the latest news. Also check out for more information about their products and services.

Thanks for checking us out!

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